While attorneys have historically dealt with mounds of paper, the introduction of eDiscovery makes doing paperless work a reality. And with the ubiquity of mobile devices in everyone's pocket, being able to take that work on the go is increasingly important. With the main goal of a simplified and streamlined workflow, I redesigned the iOS application.
The original application wasn't designed for all iOS devices and screen sizes, causing a slew of friction points. The engineering team also decided to move away from Xamarin, opting for Apple's native Swift. Through usage data and customer interviews, we were able to glean that users mostly want to:
Quickly jump into a saved search to view a document
Code a document on the go
Push links to documents to other users
The design was purposefully kept minimal and as close to the native file browsing patterns afforded to iOS. This required the design to stick closely with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines, while still respecting the hierarchy known by our users on the desktop version. I also redesigned the application's icons to ensure clarity and explicitness for mobile.
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