Fanatics is an American online retailer of licensed sportswear, sports equipment, and merchandise.
Looking to get away from endless graphics with rows and rows of jerseys and t-shirts, my creative director tasked the creative team to create a new direction our flagship site could be taken in. I decided to completely redesign the homepage, giving the site more personality and tone by utilizing models and vendor graphics of professional players to show, not only the vast array of product available, but the lifestyle and passion that comes with wearing the jersey of your favorite team or player.
Product pages were kept simple to keep the focus on the high quality vendor graphics, as well as a streamlined path to check out.
Custom Configurator
An additional piece of the redesign was a custom apparel configurator. Fanatics has a ton of affiliate sites, spanning the NFL, NBA, NCAA, NHL, Nascar and more. All these different properties sell a variety of different product. In order to accommodate all those factors, the configurator I designed was flexible not only in respect to the type of product, but was easily themed for use across Fanatics's portfolio of eCommerce sites.
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